What is Production?

The production phase in the inception of a product and service design is the stage in which the product or service is physically created or delivered to customers. It is the stage where all the planning and designing work that has been done so far is put into action, and the product or service starts to take shape.

During the production phase, the design team works with engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers to create the product or service according to the specifications and requirements defined in the previous phases. This involves creating prototypes, testing and refining the design, and making any necessary adjustments to ensure the final product or service meets the intended quality and functionality standards.

The production phase also involves developing and implementing processes for manufacturing or delivering the product or service, including supply chain management, quality control, and distribution. This is where the cost and feasibility of producing the product or service are evaluated and optimised.

Overall, the production phase is a critical stage in the product and service design process, as it is where the vision for the product or service becomes a tangible reality, and where the success of the design is ultimately determined.