Observational Research

What is Observational Research?

Observational research is a method of collecting data by observing and recording people's behaviour in natural settings, without interfering with or altering it. This type of research is a form of qualitative research that is used to gather information about people's actions, interactions, and environments in a naturalistic setting.

Focus Group

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a method of qualitative research that involves bringing a small, diverse group of people together to discuss and provide feedback on a specific topic or product. The group is moderated by a trained facilitator who guides the discussion and prompts participants to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Demographic Research

What is Demographic Research?

Demographic research is a type of market research that focuses on gathering and analysing data about the characteristics of a population. This type of research is used to study the size, distribution, and composition of a population in terms of various characteristics such as age, gender, income, education, occupation, and others. The data collected through demographic research is typically used to identify patterns, trends, and relationships within a population.

Ethnography Research

What is Ethnography Research?

Ethnography research is a qualitative research methodology that involves a systematic study of people and their cultures, behaviours, and social systems. It is an in-depth, holistic approach that seeks to understand a specific group or culture by studying them in their natural environment. Ethnography research typically involves fieldwork, which can include observations, interviews, and the collection of visual and audio data.

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