Planning & Analysis


In the context of product and service design research, recommendations refer to suggestions or actions that are proposed based on the findings and analysis of the research study. These recommendations are intended to inform the design and development of a product or service and may address issues related to usability, user experience, market positioning, or other aspects of the product or service.

Research Archive

A research archive is a collection of research data, documents, and other materials that are stored and preserved for future reference and use. Research archives can be physical, such as a library or museum, or digital, such as an online database or repository.

Findings Analysis

Findings analysis is the process of examining and interpreting the results of a research study to identify patterns, themes, and relationships in the data. It involves analysing the data collected during the research process, such as survey responses, interview transcripts, or experimental data, and making sense of the findings in light of the research objective and hypothesis.

Research Planning

Research planning is the process of defining the research objectives, designing a research methodology, and outlining the steps necessary to conduct a research study. It involves careful consideration of the research question, the scope of the study, the data collection methods, the data analysis techniques, and the resources required to complete the study.

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