Design Guidelines

What is Documentation?

Documentation is a crucial aspect of design systems, as it provides a central repository of information and guidance that helps ensure consistency and efficiency in the design process.

In a design system, documentation typically includes detailed guidelines and best practices for all aspects of the design process, from branding and style to layout and interaction design. It may also include templates, code snippets, and other resources that designers can use to speed up the design process and ensure consistency across all interface designs.

The goal of documentation is to make the design process more efficient and effective, by providing designers with clear and comprehensive guidance on how to approach different design challenges. By having a centralised resource for all design-related information, designers can quickly and easily find the information they need to make informed design decisions, without having to spend time searching for information or reinventing the wheel.

In addition to improving efficiency, documentation also helps ensure consistency and quality across all interface designs. By providing clear and detailed guidelines, designers are better equipped to create designs that align with the overall design system, ensuring a cohesive and recognisable user experience for all users.