Micro & Macro Interactions

What are Micro and macro interactions?

Micro and macro interactions are terms used in design to describe two different levels of user interaction with a product or service.


What is Data?

Data refers to any information that can be collected, analyzed, and interpreted in a meaningful way. This can include a wide range of information types, such as numbers, text, images, audio, and video.

UI Animation & Motion

What are UI Animation & Motion?

UI Animation and Motion refer to the use of visual effects, animations, and movements within user interfaces to enhance the user experience and communicate information in a more engaging and intuitive way.


What are Surfaces?

In the context of design systems and interaction design, "surfaces" refer to the areas or spaces in a user interface where users can interact with the system. Surfaces can include physical surfaces, such as touchscreens or buttons, as well as digital surfaces, such as screens or windows.

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