Customer & Scenario Maps


What are Customer and Scenario Maps?

Customer maps and scenario maps are two related tools used in user experience design to help designers understand the needs, behaviours, and motivations of their target audience.

Customer maps are similar to empathy maps, in that they are visual tools used to represent the user's experience. However, customer maps are typically more focused on the user's journey through the product or service and may include more detailed information about the user's interactions with the product or service. Customer maps may also include information about the user's context, such as their environment, device, or social setting, that may impact their experience.

Customer maps:

Scenario maps:

Scenario maps, on the other hand, are used to illustrate the user's experience in a specific scenario or context. Scenario maps are typically created by identifying a specific use case or scenario, such as a user trying to complete a task or solve a problem, and then mapping out the user's experience in that scenario. Scenario maps may include information about the user's goals, emotions, and pain points at each stage of the scenario, as well as any interactions with the product or service that occur.